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Willard B. Wood
Sunrise: 1940-01-19 in Wisconsin
Sunset: 2018-01-15 in Pahrump
Military Service: Served in the armed forces
Willard B. Wood is survived by Mitchell Shymanski.

Doreen Mae Cora WOOD
Sunrise: 1924-04-07 in Australia
Sunset: 2018-03-05 in Pahrump
Doreen Mae Cora WOOD is survived by Son - Stephen Schmidt.

Mariel Jean Wosepka
Sunrise: 1931-02-06 in Iowa
Sunset: 2020-05-14 in Pahrump
Mariel Jean Wosepka is survived by her loving family and friends.

Charles "Charlie" Wright
Sunrise: 1939-09-07 in Tennessee
Sunset: 2019-11-29 in Pahrump
Charles "Charlie" Wright is survived by his loving family and friends.

Debora Lynn Wyatt
Sunrise: 1953-09-17 in California
Sunset: 2018-08-27 in Las Vegas
Debora Lynn Wyatt is survived by Her loving Husband - Tom.

Robert A. WYMER
Sunrise: 1955-08-25 in California
Sunset: 2018-01-12 in Pahrump
Robert A. WYMER is survived by wife - Jennifer.

Raphael "Ray" Joseph Wyszynski
Sunrise: 1933-01-28 in Illinois
Sunset: 2020-07-23 in Las Vegas
Military Service: Served Honorably in the United States Navy
Raphael "Ray" Joseph Wyszynski is survived by his loving wife, family and all who knew him.

Demuriel YOCOM
Sunrise: 1935-01-25 in Alabama
Sunset: 2017-11-29 in Pahrump
Demuriel YOCOM is survived by husband - Ivan "Dale".

Craig Zweber
Sunrise: 1959-07-20 in Minnesota
Sunset: 2019-09-30 in Las Vegas
Craig Zweber is survived by his Loving Family and Friends.

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