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The Cremation Process Timeline

We often get asked about how long the cremation process takes. Once we receive the Authority to Cremate signed by all required parties, And the Statement of Goods and Services has been signed and payment finalized, And the permit to cremate has been issued by the appropriate agency the cremation will be scheduled. Immediately prior to cremation-The Certified Crematory Operator will check the Authority to Cremate, make sure it matches the Permit and will check the Identification placed on the deceased at the place of death to make sure they all match. He will then complete the necessary paperwork for cremation. Likewise, a second employee of LFH matches the 3 items just to be extra cautious.

On the day of cremation

  • 3 hours in cremation chamber 
  • 1 Hour cooling in chamber 
  • 2 Hour Cooling Process 
  • 30 minutes Prepare and Process to the finer ash 
  • 10 minutes-place in selected urn, apply cremation label, take to office 

Our crematory operates with a Certified Crematory Operator Tuesday-Saturday. We are limited to 2 cremations a day. Depending on when your loved one’s cremation is scheduled, the cooling process may take into the next business day. You will be called and scheduled a time to pick up as soon as the cremation has completed the entire process and the urn is ready. 

If an urn is being custom ordered and has not arrived yet, the ashes will be labeled and placed in a temporary urn and taken to the office until your urn has arrived. Once it arrives it will be filled as soon as possible, and you will be called and scheduled a time to pick up.

If we are mailing the urn it will be taken to the USPS as soon as possible. You will be called and notified it has been mailed and you will be given or emailed the tracking number.




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