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No-Cost Cremation

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Donate your loved one's body to research and education! By donating your loved one's body to science, you are helping give doctors and students a learning opportunity which can lead to a more effective technique or a new life-saving surgical procedure. Whole body donations make cutting edge developments in the fields of cancer treatment, thoracic research and neurology studies possible.

If you or a loved one is considering cremation as an alternative to a traditional funeral, please consider making an anatomical gift. LifeScience, in partnership with Lee Funeral Home provides a free cremation to those who make a whole body donation to science. Making an anatomical gift is a final act of caring and leaves a legacy of hope for the future.

Why Donate?

Anatomical donations allow research institutions to discover new ways to fight serious diseases and disorders such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease and multiple sclerosis. At Life Science Anatomical; we also work closely with surgical teaching institutions. We carefully match anatomical gifts to the needs of accredited medical research institutions for the greatest benefit to research and education.

A Life Science Anatomical surgical technician accompanies the whole body donor at each stage of the journey. This commitment has made us the program of choice for the leading research and teaching institutions in the nation.

Making an anatomical donation will not interfere with a cremation. Rather, a donation can reduce the burden of funeral expenses while bettering the condition of humankind.

We provide cremation services free after recovery has been completed. Making a body donation for medical research is not only a compassionate act; the donation is an affordable act as well. The funeral home can show you all of the expenses that we pay for.

Body Donation Process

The funeral home will go through a medical and social interview with the family or next-of-kin and complete all paperwork that is required.

The donor is transported to our facility. Blood is drawn from the donor to test for infectious disease, and tissues are then matched with researchers and educational facilities.

After approximately 2-4 weeks, when the recovery is completed, the remains are cremated at a licensed crematory and are returned to the family at no cost.

How to Donate

Please call Lee Funeral Home at (775) 727-1888 to schedule an appointment.