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Memorial Items

We now offer over 500 themes for Register Books, Memorial Folders, Prayer Cards & Thank You Notes.

Each one will be personalized to your specifications. Please view the themes available at: http://themeviewer.tributecenteronline.com/

tems are only available when Lee Funeral Home is performing the memorial service for your loved one.

Tribute Register Book - includes up to 10 photos: $100

Tribute Memorial Folders (photo included): Each sheet (2 per sheet) $2

Please view the themes available for Tribute products: Tribute Center Theme Viewer

Prayer Cards - No Photo: Each sheet (8 per sheet) $8 (Limited to what's in stock)

Acknowledgement cards pre-printed - per box: $10
Acknowledgement cards custom tribute - no photo - per box with envelopes: $50
Obituary Laminates - includes photo - sold in sets of 4: $5 each

Memorial Sets - limited to what is in stock:
Includes register book, 100 memorial folders, 2 boxes acknowledgement cards $165

Special orders will have a shipping fee of $50-$95 Not all merchandise may be in stock at all times



pre-planning services

Call Lee Funeral Home & Cremation Services today to schedule a time to meet with a Pre-Planning Professional. (775) 727-1888