About Lee Funeral Home and Cremation Services

Lee Funeral Home & Cremation Service is a family owned business with 38 years experience; the family has been operating this business in Pahrump since 2002. They offer a full range of funeral options from the simplest cremation to the traditional religious services.

The company's philosophy is to follow the wishes of the family. With years of experience to draw upon, the owners and staff can ease the decision making process. Lee Funeral Home and Cremation Service takes pride in providing a quality service.They want people to make an informed decision: what type of service, what is it going to cost and will it fit their budget. Owner, Eric Lee states, "while we are able to provide the most expensive services and products, our emphasis is to fulfill the family's needs and desires.We're not here to sell our clients something they don't need or can't afford."

The services and products available include headstones, markers, urns, caskets, register books, cards and Memory Glass. In fact, anything to do with a funeral service is available at Lee Funeral Home and Cremation Service. If they don't already have it, they can get it.They also arrange transportation of your loved one to anywhere in the world, or bring someone to Pahrump for their final resting place. Plus, a pre-arrangement program is available.

Lee Funeral Home and Cremation Service has a very distinctive chapel that is their image and focal point. All religious services can be accommodated. Eric explains, "we go over everything with the family at the arrangement conference. There are many instances where final decisions don't have to be made at the initial arrangement conference - we want to make sure you are making an informed decision.".