Name: Natural

Type: Box
Desc: 5.5h" x 9.0w" x 6.25d". Capacity: 200

Price: $85


Name: Photo

Type: Box
Desc: 9.0h" x 6.0w" x 6.25d", Capacity: 200

Keepsake box sold separately.

Price: $110


Name: Bamboo

ID#: PBF-CB200
Type: Box
Desc: 5.7h" x 9.25w" x 6.5d", Capacity: 200

Price: $130


Name: Manchester

ID#: DW106
Type: Box
Desc: Shown in Walnut, Oak and Cherry options are available, can be engraved.

Price: $179


Name: Paragon Peacock

Type: Box
Desc: Stained glass, Capacity: 200

Price: $305


Name: Modern Urn

Type: Box
Desc: Shown with the photo panel. Has a variety of wood panel options, that will remind you of your loved one. H10" W9.25" D6" Capacity, 200 cubic inches

Price: $325


Name: Craftsman Chest

ID#: PBF-Craftsman Chest
Type: Box
Desc: 8.4h" x 11.8w" x 9.9d", Capacity: 200

Price: $375


Name: Hummingbird

ID#: DW 112
Type: Box
Desc: Shown in Cherry, also available in Oak or Mahogany. A beautiful urn with hummingbird engravings. Can be engraved/personalized. 7.75" x 7.75" x 9.5" 220 cubic inches.

Price: $379


Name: Adult Photo Urn

ID#: DW 1201
Type: Box
Desc: This urn is made with soft maple, includes the photo engraving of your choice for your loved one. Horizontal option available. Optional engraving/personalization shown is not included. 6.75" x 6.75" x 9.375" Capacity, 220 cubic inches

Price: $395


Name: Halia

ID#: DW 1030
Type: Box
Desc: The Halia is a beautiful piece made with Bubinga and a Maple top. Can be engraved/personalized on the sides. Includes 1 memory stone (with first name engraving). 11.125" x 8.125" 6.5" Capacity 225 cubic inches.

Price: $595