Arrangement Forms

The forms below require the free Adobe Reader. The forms may be edited within the Adobe application, but require a physical signature and must be faxed back. To use the forms:

  1. Click the appropriate form title below. If Adobe Reader is already installed, the form may open at this point. Complete and print the form from within the Reader application.

    If Adobe Acrobat Reader is not installed you may instead be presented with an option to save the PDF file to your system. We recommend that you save the file to your hard drive.

  2. Complete the Save File As dialog box by confirming the save location.

  3. Locate and open the PDF form with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  4. Using your computer keyboard, complete the form. Certain fields are for 'office use only' and will be completed by Lee Funeral Home. These fields are locked within the PDF and can not be edited; it is safe to skip over locked fields.

  5. Save and Print the form to standard 8-1/2" x 11" printer paper.

  6. Sign the form with a physical signature using black ink, where required.

  7. Fax completed forms to to (775) 727-1881.


Forms List